Anti-Spyware Detector & Finder App (As)

An advanced Anti-Spyware Detector & Finder where you can view full device information, manage permissions, find hidden apps, find high-risk spyware, and even have access to a phone doctor to run system diagnostics and repair system for Android. This is what this app analyzer and privacy manager app is all about.

Anti Spy is an advanced spyware finder app for Android that focuses on:
• Privacy manager for personal data protection purposes gives you an overview of how your installed apps use different permissions.
• Spyware finder to detect any high-risk malware or spyware on your device, as well as hidden apps detector to find hidden apps installed on your phone.
• Phone doctor to repair system for Android and optimize the performance of your phone through CPU cooler, RAM booster, and more.
• Advanced phone check and hardware test to view full Device information and phone test, including sensors, camera, display, RAM, CPU, and much more.
• Backup apps and share apps with ease
What else? There is still a lot to discover, from the helpful battery health and temperature check to device info to view phone info and more.

Advanced Spy apps finder and permission manager for Android
Anti Spy, the free spyware finder and phone doctor, is all about delivering an all-in-one privacy manager and app analyzer platform to view full device information, run system diagnostics and hardware test, check battery health, and find hidden apps. This free RAM booster and CPU cooler app also functions as a phone check app to fix Android problems and optimize the performance of your device.
Cyber security scanner: If you install apps from untrusted sources or connect to public hotspots, you are exposed to spyware or cyber-attacks. The antispyware and cyber security scanner ensure your device is safe and your data is private.
Find hidden apps: The hidden apps detector feature available in this app analyzer and privacy manager app enables you to detect any unwanted/unauthorize app installed on your phone. You can easily find hidden apps and uninstall them right away.
Permission manager: This free privacy manager app offers a detailed privacy audit to see what permissions are being used by each application. The permission manager dashboard helps you to remove unnecessary permissions from different applications.
Spyware detector: We are here to protect your privacy and make sure no spyware or unwanted access is detected on your phone. The free spyware detector feature offers real-time protection from cyber security attacks.
Hardware test & phone test: Planning to buy a second-hand phone and worry about the battery health and hardware parts and sensors? The thorough hardware test checks everything about your phone, including display, flashlight, speaker, touch screen, proximity sensors, vibration, wifi, fingerprint, light sensor, and more.

Try this phone check and RAM booster app now!
If you care about your privacy and look for a permission manager and spyware finder app to check system info and run system diagnostics, you’ve come to the right place.
Download Anti Spy for free on your Android phone or tablet, and get the most out of available features, including:
• RAM booster and CPU cooler to optimize the performance of your phone
• Hidden apps detector to find hidden apps
• Permission manager to run a privacy audit and review permissions granted to each app
• Device info to view full device information, temperature check, and check battery health
• Hardware test including display, flashlight, speaker, touch screen, proximity sensor, vibration, wifi, fingerprint
• Repair system for Android to fix Android problems

IMPORTANT: Anti-Spyware Detector & Finder is not a replacement for anti-virus or anti-malware. Anti-Spyware targets commercial spyware. We recommend you use anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spy to cover all aspects of your security.

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