Ethio Tiktok App

EthioTiktok is a revolutionary mobile app that allows users to monetize their creativity in content creation. It provides a unique platform for creative expression, giving users the opportunity to share their ideas and stories with each other, as well as follow their favorite celebrities and get direct updates from them in their feeds. The app also features a comments section, allowing users to engage in conversations and connect with individuals who share similar interests. The platform is an ideal destination for those looking to showcase their creativity and share their stories with an ever-growing community of passionate users.

It’s quick, fun, and easy to use – So turning your wallpaper into a personalized & exciting TikTok background is a no-brainer!

Whether it’s your favorite creator’s funniest prank, the new dance & music trend, or the cleanest trick shot you’ve ever seen, you can download it from TikTok and turn it into a live wallpaper background using this app.

Here’s how it works (TikTok Live Wallpaper is SIMPLE!)

1) Download TikTok Live Wallpapers app within minutes

2) Open TikTok and flick through hundreds of TikTok videos until you find your favorite

3) Save the TikTok video as a LIVE PHOTO (you’ll use this later to get your live wallpaper background)

4) Go into your files, pick your favorite downloaded TikTok, and set it as your background for an exciting new TikTok live wallpaper background

5) Your phone and tablet now have personalized TikTok wallpapers!

With TikTok Live Wallpapers app, you can download as many TikTok videos as you’d like!
That’s right. TikTok Live Wallpapers app is limitless (download as many as your memory can handle!

Build your personal portfolio of live wallpapers to switch and change your wallpaper background when you get bored (you won’t).

Our live wallpaper app can be used on funny videos, anime scenes, animal videos, dance shorts, music videos, sports highlights, and any other video you find on TikTok.

TikTok Live Wallpapers has received thousands of downloads. It’s fun and easy to use, and personalizing your background with a TikTok live wallpaper is a blast!

We designed live wallpapers with you in mind. We want everyone to enjoy live wallpaper backgrounds of their favorite TikTok creators – So we made it as simple and easy to use as possible (changing your live wallpaper background is a breeze!)

Video to live on your background and lockscreen
The video downloader lets you download your favorite TikTok and convert them into wallpapers & backgrounds for your lock screen within minutes.

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