Data Intarneetii keessan qusachuuf App kana fayyadamaa

Bilbila keessan irraa qarshiin akka malee Intarneetiin yoo isin jala kan fixuu ta’e Appi kanatti fayyadamuun offirraa dhorkuu ni dandeessu appin bilbila keessn irratti argaman bayyren isanii qarshii karaalee hedduun ni fixuu waan ta’eef apoin kuniis rakkoo akkasiif furmata haaraa qabate kan dhufedha kanaag bufadhati itti gargarama maqaan isa Net blocker: Block net access jedhama play store irraa free dhaan install godhachuu ni dandeessu. Link isa dhuma barruulee kanarratti argatu!

About this App. There are so many apps that are running in the background. Many of which uses you internet data constantly. Net Blocker is smart way to select apps that you wish to block from using internet while running in background.

A very smart way to prevent data access and WiFi access.
This can save users data usage & prevent an app from downloading background data and it also improves privacy.

Firewall Android offers you complete protection against hackers and espionage. Block attacks from the internet and protect yourself from unwanted access to the internet. Determine which apps can and cannot access the internet.

With powerful firewall technologies, secure filter lists, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), you comprehensively protect your privacy and are also informed about what is being shared with the world.

Protection and Control
It is a powerful firewall app for Android with an intuitive user interface. The firewall is not only ready to use in a few seconds, but it also protects you from hacker attacks and notifies you when an app tries to send data to the internet.
You can see in real-time which apps are accessing which servers or wasting mobile data. With simple filter rules, you can even allow or deny individual connections to an app.

Fend off Cyberattacks with Artificial Intelligence
Protectstar™ Firewall Android is based on the Linux firewall iptables to protect you from cyber-attacks. To even surpass the security, we have combined the firewall with artificial intelligence.
It is based on the Deep Detective™ and Protectstar™ AI Cloud technologies, so the Firewall fends off modern hacker attacks, espionage, trojans, and even security gaps.

Easily Block Apps
Did you ever wonder why many apps that don’t require internet access still need internet permissions?
Usually, advertisements are placed, or your sensitive data is sent to servers in China, Russia, or the USA without permission.

High-Secure Android Firewall: Protection also from the FBI, CIA, NSA & Co.
Wouldn’t it be great if a firewall could do much more than protect against hacker attacks! The Protectstar™ Firewall Android was specially developed to block unwanted access by known intelligence services and government organizations.

App Features:

  1. Block mobile data usage of your Preferences app.
  2. You can block your preferences app’s WiFi data usage.
  3. Make a list of favorites and restore restore usage whenever you want.
  4. Simple and easy user interface.

App As tuqaa gadi bufadhaa


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