sagalee fi message namaa gara keessanitti kan ittin dabarsitan

sagalee fi message jaalallee kee salphaatti gara bilbila keetiitti dabarsuun hordofuu yoo barbaadee app kana fayyadamu ni dandeessa yeroo amma kanatti namoonni bilbila nama to’achuu ni barbaadu App fi website bayyeetis ni fayyadamu garuu itti fayyadamni isanii bayyeen kan nama rakkisanidha.

Appi Remote call/sms forward jedhamu kanati fayyadamtani Lakkoofsa bilbila qofaa itti galchuun salphaatti messajji fi voice call gara silkii keessanitti dabarfachuu ni dandeessu. Itti fayyadamni Appichas salphaadha playstore irra link dhuma barruulee kana irra jiru xuquun bufadha itti fayyadama jenna.

An application that allows you to synchronize SMS on multiple devices

Cross-device synchronization or transfer of SMS — app that enable the user to sync texts (SMS) across multiple devices (such as between phone and laptop).

Main Features:
1) Transfer SMS to another phone or PC.
2) Support for the history of transferred SMS.
3) Support for the ability to transfer only outgoing or only incoming SMS.
4) Support create rules to forward messages by keywords or source address.

Where can you send SMS:
– to another phone;
– to e-mail;
– to the specified URL;
– in ICQ;
– in Telegram;
– in Vkontakte;
– in Facebook / Messenger;
– or suggest your options, we will consider them

Attention! The application is not intended for the hidden sending of SMS to your wives, husbands, loved ones, any other people. It does not intercept other people’s SMS, but forwards your SMS to wherever you indicate in the application. Be careful!

Features of forward messages:
– the ability to specify a list of SMS contacts from which you want to send to mail / another phone
– the ability to specify text rules for SMS that need to be sent to mail / another phone
– the ability to send only incoming or only outgoing SMS
– if the phone has two SIM cards, then the ability to choose which SMS to send

List of requested permissions
RECEIVE_SMS – Allows to receive SMS messages. Trigger redirect after message arrival
RECEIVE_WAP_PUSH – Allows to receive WAP messages. Trigger redirect after WAP message arrival
SEND_SMS – Allows the app to send SMS messages. To redirect to another phone
READ_SMS – Allows the app to read SMS information. For information about outgoing SMS for transferring them


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