Bilbila keerraa App si hordofu kan sirraa block godhu

Haala salphaan Appilee silkii keessan irratti isin hordofan kan isiin irraa dhorkuu danda’u App waan ajaa’iba. Dabalataniis camera fi wantoota birootti fayyadamuun iccitiin keessan akka ba’u kan gochuu danda’a Appiin sodachisoo yoo bilbila keessan irra jiru ta’e report kan isiniif gochuudhan kan usin beeksisuu danda’u System bareeda qabate kan dhufe App ANTISTALKER MOBILE SECURITY jedhamu kana fayyadama jenne qabanne dhufne jira. Irra guddeessi Appin kun kan isin gargaruuf yoo Appiin isin hordofaa jira ta’e akkasumas yoo sagalee keessan dhoksan warraaba jira ta’eef hordofee kan isin beeksisuudha App kanaas argachuuf bakka download jedhu xuqaa pleystore irraa bufadha galatoma.

About Antistalker mobile App

Notifies you if apps are using the camera or microphone of your device.

? Get Antistalker to protect your privacy. It notifies you when and which apps send data to the internet or when they use the camera or microphone of your device. Antistalker is the only app that allows you to block apps from sending data to the internet when you don’t use them! Antistalker achieves this by using a local VPN, so data never leave your device. 

From data monitoring to permissions manager, antitheft and root checker, Malloc’s Antistalker helps you take control over your data and protect yourself from stalkers, stalkerware, and spyware that leak data from your device. Do not let advertising companies secretly listen to you. 

⭐Free Features:
✓ Provides instant notifications when the camera or microphone are used.
✓ Gives the duration of microphone and camera usage.
✓ Detects and names which apps are accessing your sensors without your permission.
✓ Checks the permissions of installed apps.
✓ Whitelist the apps you trust, add them to the exception list.
✓ Swipe left on any detection to add the detected app to the whitelist, or to report it.
✓ Flexible notifications: choose when you would like to be notified
✓ User-friendly design.

?Premium Features for Advanced Protection:
Data Monitoring: it shields your device with a local VPN and monitors when and which apps send data to the internet.
Data Insights: By clicking on a data detection you can now find out where the data have been sent. 
Block apps from sending data to the internet when you don’t use them to be protected from spyware. Spyware is a stealthy threat to your data.
VPN acts as a shield to protect your privacy. The on-device VPN does not pass your data through any server on the internet. 
Mute Microphone: don’t let any app or spyware to record you without you knowing. It automatically un-mutes the microphone when you are on a call!
Root Checker: check if your phone is rooted or vulnerable to misconfigured security policies. 
Antitheft Alarm: for when you charge your device in public areas. When enabled, an alarm is activated when someone moves your phone or removes it from the phone charger. Shield your device’s security.
✓ Full report on detections and data blocked attempts over time.

How local, on-device VPN works:
Antistalker runs local, on-device Virtual Private Network (VPN) on (and around) your phone so it can monitor where apps send data and allow you to block them. All the data your device sends to the internet pass through this private network. This private network is local, so compared to traditional VPN apps work, your data is not being collected by any server. While using the “Data Monitoring” feature and the local VPN, you may observe that Antistalker is sending a lot of data – this is a misleading indication – the reality is that the data are being passed through the application for monitoring. These data are never collected and sent to servers by Antistalker.

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