Bilbila kee irraa App kana akka qabdu dafii ckeeki godhii!

Wow bilbila nama hunda irra jirachuu kan qabu App ajaa’iba lama kan hundi keessan itti fayyadamu qabdan!

Har’a Appilee lama kan bilbila keessan irratti osoo buftani fayyadmtani gariidha jenne yaanne isiniif qabane dhufnee kunoo! Appiin nutti isiniif qabannee dhufnes App Moneyfy jedhamuufi smart cursor kan jedhamaniidha faayidaa adda addaa isiniif kenuus ni danda’u.

1.Appin moneyfy maliif nu gargaraa? Appin kun baajata keessan kan ji’a fi guyya guyyaan kan isiniif to’atuudha. Yeroo bayyee namoonni hedduun qarshii hanga argataniif baasii baasan sirnaan hordofuu ni barbaadu kanaaf Appiin Kunimmoo dhima kanaatiif kan isiniif fayyadudha Sababni isamoo qarshii nutti guyyaa keessatti baasnu tokko tokkoon galmeessee kan nuuf ka’udha kana jechuun immo gafa ji’a birriin nutti baasii goone hundi maal maliif akka ta’e adda addaatti qoodee nutti agarsiisa kanaaf gafa ji’a basiif galii keenya waal bira qabuun yeroo itti aanuutti maal gochuu akka qabnu beeku ni dandeenya jechudha!.

Appii kanas argachuuf bakka download moneyfy jedhu tuqa plestorii irratti isiin geessa maqan isa guutun immoo moneyfy budget manager and expensive tracker jedhama.

2.Appin kun immo smart cursor jedhama plestorii irrati kan argamu yoo ta’u fayyidaan isamoo bifa mouse kompiitaraatiin bilbila keenyaratti akka salphaan fayyadamuuf kan nu dandeessisudha. Dabalataniis namoonni silkiin keessan gudda ta’e harka tokkoon skriini isa hunda quba keessaniin fayyadamuuf isiin rakkisu App smart cursor kana bufadhan jedha sababni isaas quba keessa tokkon qofa bilbila keessan akka salphaatti fayyadamuu waan isin dandeesisuuf. APP kanas argachuuf bakka download smart cursor dhuma barruulee kana irra dhaquun xuqaa.

Itti fayyadama isa sirnaan hubachuuf video kana dawwaadhu

About Moneyfy App

An easy and efficient budget app and expense tracker for managing your money.

How do you manage your budget and watch every dollar? With Monefy, your financial organizer and finance tracker, it’s simple. Each time you buy a coffee, pay a bill, or make a daily purchase, you only need to add each expense you have — that’s it! Just add new records each time you make a purchase. It’s done in one click, so you don’t need to fill anything except the amount. Tracking daily purchases, bills, and everything else you spend money on has never been so quick and enjoyable with this money manager.

How do you track your personal expenses successfully? What about your personal capital?

Let’s face it — saving money in today’s world is not easy. You need a budget. Luckily, Monefy is more than a money tracker, it’s also one of the best savings apps to help you with money management. Keep track of your personal expenses and compare them to your monthly income with the budget planner. Keep your monthly budget in mint condition. Your new budgeting app will help you become a budgeting master and start saving money with Monefy.

Do you own multiple mobile devices? Maybe you want to share budget and expense tracking with a significant other. Monefy helps by safely synchronizing data between multiple devices. Create or change records, add new categories or delete old ones, and the changes will be made on other devices right away!

Key features which make tracking enjoyable and powerful:

  • Add new records quickly with the intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • See your spending distribution on an easy-to-read chart, or get detailed information from the records list
  • Safely synchronize using your own Google Drive or Dropbox account
  • Take control of recurring payments
  • Track in multi-currencies
  • Access your spending tracker easily with handy widgets
  • Manage custom or default categories
  • Backup and export personal finance data in one click
  • Save money with budget tracker
  • Stay secure with passcode protection
  • Use multiple accounts
  • Crunch numbers with the built-in calculator


About smart cursor APP

Use a cursor to control your big smartphone with one hand

Use a computer-like cursor/pointer to conveniently control your big smartphone with one hand.

Easy to use:
1. Swipe from the left or right margin from the bottom half of the screen.
2. Reach the top half of the screen with the cursor by dragging the tracker, using one hand in the bottom half.
3. Tap the tracker to click with the cursor. The tracker will disappear on any click outside it or after a period of time.

Smart Cursor is free and without ads. Customization options and behavior settings for cursor, tracker and button highlights are freely accessible.

Snap-to-Click: When you move the cursor, any clickable button will be highlighted. Smart Cursor also recognizes which button you are aiming at. Once the button is highlighted, you can already perform a click on it by tapping the tracker. This greatly helps with clicking small buttons.

Quick Settings tile: As the most convenient way to enable/disable the cursor, you can add the Smart Cursor tile to your Quick Settings tray.

Context actions (Pro version): With Context actions, long pressing a button will trigger an action specific to its function. For a button in a horizontal row it’s scrolling, for the status bar it’s pulling down the notifications.

– Trigger more gestures with the cursor: Long click, drag & drop
– Context actions: long pressing a button will trigger an action specific to its function (scroll / expand notifications)
– Swipe action: trigger Back, Home, Recents button, expand Notifications or Quick Settings by swiping in and out from the margin
– The option to blacklist/whitelist apps


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