App hojii nuuf salphisu fi yeroo nu qusatu kan itti fayyadamu qabdan

Bilbila keessan irratti hojii ykn yeroo kan isiniif salphisuu danda’u yoo barbaadan App ajaa’iba kanatti fayyadamu qabdu jedhen yada.!

Maqaan Appi kanas Floating Apps jedhama Waan bilbila keenya irratti dalaga jiru osoo dhisne keessa hin ba’iin achuma irra teenyee akka salphaatti banu ykn hojechuuf nu gargara gkn youtube utuu ilaaltani Facebook banu ni dandeessu, filmi ilaala bilbila bilbiluu ni dandeessu, Dabalataanis hojii heddu al takka banuun hojechuu akka dandeessan gochuu ni danda’a kanaaf silkii keessan irratti instalk gochuu barbaadan bakka download jedhu dhuma bareefama kana irratti kan argamu xuqun plastorii irra bufadha.

video kana irratti haala hojii appicha hubachu ni dandeessu

Experience real multitasking on your Android!

Open more apps at the same time in floating windows and enjoy real multitasking! Don’t leave current app for a small task… Floating Apps is the largest and the most advanced collection of floating mini apps available on Google Play!

– take notes or use calculator anywhere & anytime
– view email attachments without leaving email app
– view multiple PDF files at the same time
– open links in floating browser and view them later
– translate vocabularies without leaving current app
– and do much much much more..

Floating Apps comes with more than 41 floating apps including:

– Browser
– Notes
– Document Viewer (PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT and more)
– Calendar
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Calculator
– Contacts
– File Manager
– Music Player
– Video Player
– Image Viewer
– Audio Recorder
– Translator
– Paint
– Google Maps
– Wifi Manager
– Games

– and 21 more apps (see for full list of 41 floating apps)…
– also, you can create your own floating apps from home screen widgets and URLs!

Our Commitment
Floating Apps is the best of its kind because of our commitment and never-ending work. We love to do it for you!
– We’re always doing our best to help our users, so you’re not left alone.
– We’re developing Floating Apps for more than 5 years and it keeps getting better and better.
– We’re listening to your requests and designing apps and features for you.

The Most Advanced Features
– Stop switching from one app to another and experience real multitasking with floating mini apps that make your life easier!
– Do not find the right floating app for you? Turn homescreen widgets and URLs into your very own floating apps.
– Access floating apps anywhere and anytime without leaving what you are just doing with Floating Menu and Quick Launch.
– Extremely powerful floating menu allows you to access not only floating apps, but also normal and recent apps and shortcuts!
– Access floating apps with one tap via movable & resizable quick launch icon that stays always on top of other apps.
– Move windows by simply dragging their title, resize them by dragging their bottom bar. Arrange windows your way!
– Maximize the floating app to utilize the whole screen. Minimize it if you don’t need it now and restore it later.
– Easily access advanced features & functions, control the window, its borders and transparency with context menu!
– Open links, videos or images using floating apps the same way as you do with normal apps. Use shortcuts, notifications and more.
– It’s just like multiviews / multi windows on Samsung or split screen mode but for all Androids!


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