Appi Tamtam kan messenger fi telegram caalu kana beektu?

wow waan haaraa facebook messenger, telegram fi whatsapp kan caalu App ajaa’iba kan vidiyoo fi sagalee tolan ittin waliif bilbilu akkasumas channel mata keenya banachuu kan nu dandeessisu TamTam App kan namni hundii itti fayyadamu qabu kana beektu?

Appin TamTam kun haaraa yoo ta’u wantoota hedduuf kan nu fayyaduudha Sababni isaas waan nutti guyyaa guyyaatti itti gargaramu qabnu bayyee isa wan of keessa qabuuf. Fknf wantoota Appiin tamtam kun isiniif kennu keessa isa kaneen armaan gadii kana dubbisaa

Tokkoffaa: Biyyaa hin beekne gidduutti yoo karaan nurkaa badee location share isatti fayyadamuun namni akka nu dafe nu bira ga’u gochu ni dandeenya.

Lamaffaa: Gara biyyoota addaa addaatti tolaan video fi voice call networkii xiqqoon bilbilu ni dandeessu.

Sadaffaa: channalii mata keenya irratti banachuun salphaatti waan barbaanne gochuu akka dandeenyu nuuf godhuu ni danda’a.

Afuraffaa: messejii dangaa tokko malee unlimited fayyadamu ni dandeessu Dabalataanis sekuriiti ga’a fi amansiisaas ni qaba?

Appi Tamtam kanas pileestorii irratti ni argatu yeroo amma kana fayyadamtoota miliyoona 10+ ni qaba

Tamtam kana link isa as website keenya irraa isinii keenyee jira waan ta’eef bakka Download jedhu tuqun google play store irraa bufadhaaa.

About Tamtam App

Call your friends with video, send voice messages, chat and start a channel!

TamTam is a handy and safe messenger with channels, video calls and geolocation services. Communicate in chats, call your friends or team up with your colleagues for work. TamTam has everything needed to communicate with ease!

TamTam has:

Invite up to 20,000 participants to a public or private chat.
Add up to 50 chat administrators.
Quoting, answers, message forwarding and marking as read.

Thousands of unique stickers, including animated ones.
Upload sticker sets of your own, and add the ones you like most to your favorites.
Are stickers not enough? Select from thousands of GIFs contributed by Tenor.

Group video calls with up to 100 participants can help you gather your colleagues or friends.
Screen broadcast from a PC during video calls.
Calls with links that allow users to join in without registration on TamTam.

Private and public channels with an unlimited number of participants.
The possibility of channel moderation by administrators.
Public channels are available on the Internet without registration on TamTam.
Create a closed channel without a link and use it for creating notes or other purposes.

Send map points to your friends.
Turn on the continual location broadcast for your loved ones only.
Use the live location broadcast in your work-related or personal chats.

All TamTam conversations are protected by TLS encryption.
We use our own protocol to transfer personal data, as well as common protection algorithms.
Data are heavily protected and kept on a distributed server network.

Android and iOS applications for mobile devices.
Desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Web version is available in any browser.

?Bot API
Developers can use Bot API to create their own bots for TamTam.
Add new functions to TamTam with the help of constructor bots.
Official bots: @reactions for likes and reactions, @comments for discussions, @antispam for anti-spam chat protection.

Quick registration via phone number or Gmail.
Easy search by chat or channel, as well as within chats.
Short links for profiles, chats and channels.
16 localized languages.
Offline access.
TamTam communication is free and always will be. No ads! You pay only for Internet usage.

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