Bilbila vayirasii qabu akkamitti sireessina?

Yeroo amma kana bilbili nama bayyee rakkoo adda addaa qabachuu ni danda’a fkn vayirasii godhachuu baatiriin dafee dhumuu fi kaneen broon hedduun ni jiru. kanaaf furmaani malii yoo jetaan yeroo yerooti silkii keessan ulquleessudha maliin yoo qulquleessine gariidha yoo kan jetan ta’e immoo APPIIN ajaa’iba ni jira innis AMC SECURTY jedhama appiin kuniis kaniini isiin fayyaduuf irra guddaan isaa bilbila keessan irratti yoo al takka ON gotaan inni immoo yeroo hunda ofiin bekkee guyyaa guyyaatti silki kessan check isiniif godha fknf yoo link soba namni isiniif ergee, app virus abu bilbila keessan irrati yoo argee fi kan akka bilbilli keessa dafe charjii fixuu godhu appiin addaa yoo jira ta’e salphatti remove isiniif godha ykn isinitti ni hima.

Kanaaf Apps AMC SECURIT jedhamu kanaa as website keenya irra isiniif keenye waan jiruuf bufadha itti fayyadama isiniin jeenna gama keenyaan yeroo yerootti ilee hordoofne update isiniif waan goonuuf yadoo tokko malee itti fayyadamuu ni dandeessu galatoma yaada qabdan immoo comment irratti nuuf bareessu hin dagatiina.

Protect Mobile Security:

Anti-Phishing: IObit Cloud Services provides a plug-in which update in real time so that whenever you access a site that detected as phishing, it will help you keep the tricks outside.
Payment Guard: Help finds out copycat apps, so that you can uninstall them before money being stolen. Once you launch a payment app, it keeps protecting you all along in the background.
Web Security: Protect you from websites that contain malware, malicious URL and fraudulent content, and warn you instantly by IObit Cloud Services when heading to the danger.
Security Guard: Remind you to enable Wi-Fi Security which can check Wi-Fi’s encryption way, ARP spoofing, and even MITM. Also it reviews other important device settings and gives insecure advice.

Boost Phone Performance:

The first main feature that users are introduced to is boosting the device’s performance, making it run smoother, and handle everything more flexibly and agile. All system-related actions, such as moving files, working on devices, using applications, will significantly improve, making the device run more powerful and smoother. However, it comes at a balanced price: faster battery consumption based on the performance level you choose. Everything will be boosted to perfection thanks to the system boost feature, helping users to work more quickly and flexibly than ever before.

screen shot of AMC security App

Clean and Deep Clean:

  • One-tap Smart Scan (cleaner): Clean all types of junk files (photo junk, system junk, cache junk, and residual junk), clean privacy records (Clipboard history), clean apk files and clean running apps, which will optimize and speed your phone’s RAM (memory) and free up more storage.
  • Deep Scan (cleaner): Clean deep system junks, big files, downloaded files and thumbnail files, which will better boost your phone performance and make it running like it’s new again.
  • Notification cleaner: Clean unnecessary and annoying notifications on your notification bar, stop your phone from slowdown caused by disturbing and trash notifications.


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